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Here I want to present the components of my photovoltaic generator and provide an insight into the technology of photovoltaic. 

The Modules, The Inverter, The Data Logger, The functional principle, How is photovoltaic working?

The Modules

30x Sharp NU183E1 183W


The Inverter

1x Fronius IG 60 HV


The Data Logger

1x Fronius IG Datenlogger easy


The functional pinciple

- The photovoltaic modules (A) transform solar energy to electricity.

- The inverter (B) converts DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic module into AC electricity and automatically controls the entire system. If the grid fails or turned off, the inverter shut down the system until the grid is working again.

- The feeding watt-hour meter (C) counts the amount of electricity injected into the grid. Its measuring data is used to balance accounts with the electricity provider.

- The supply watt-hour meter (D) counts the amount of electricity used by the houshold.


How is photovoltaic working?


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