Welcome at my homepage!

In 2002 I made it to tell the stories of my voyages through Scotland to the world. At that time the page was found at the address >www.novakdimon.gmxhome.de<. Then at the 30th December 2004 the page moved to this place and got a new layout.

Besides I present some "movie projects", me and some friends made together. 

In May 2006 I installed a photovoltaic generator at the roof of my home. Since then you also find some information about that on my homepage. Most interesting might be the data of produced electricity, I show to the public at this place.

Anyway I hope you enjoy to browse my homepage. Maybe you find some useful information. I, for one will be happy if you do so. If you like my pages, or if you do not, I invite you to leave a comment in my guestbook and/or pin a picture onto my pin board.

Actually only a small part of my homepage is available in English but I'm working on it.

Kindest regards


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